Hello world!

God is amazing!  I see Him working in and around my life all of the time!  My friend, Heather, says that whenever I tell her something that is going on in my life, she watches to see what God is up to!  I love to write about my experiences because hopefully you will identify with something in my life and you will be encouraged, both by the fact others are experiencing what you are experiencing, but also by being able to see God in it!  I have published two books called “A Cup of Encouragement” and “A Cup of Encouragement – A Refill of Inspiration” that are full of my stories.  You can check it out on my website wendycuster.com.  Stay tuned for more encouragement!

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One Response to “Hello world!”

  1. Heather Says:

    Hello right back at you! I always find you encouraging, just glad we can share a cup or two together sometimes 😀

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